Well-known Voices

"With the "Great Spa Towns of Europe", 11 important spa towns have now been recognised as World Heritage Sites that bear witness to European history in a unique way. I warmly congratulate the city of Baden, which is an integral part of this nomination, on this international recognition and on this commitment to the preservation of the cultural heritage. With this in mind, I hope that the recommendations of ICOMOS or the World Heritage Committee for the protection of the site, also in Austria, will be swiftly implemented."

Dr. Sabine Haag
(President of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO), July 2021


"I love Baden, this beautiful Biedermeier city that combines harmonious architectural monuments with thermal baths that have been in use since Roman times. Today Baden is a city in which a time-honoured bathing culture combines with a cultivated, modern ambience. Baden has, therefore, a rightful claim to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site with other well-known spa towns. "

 Benita Ferrero-Waldner (retired EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, retired Federal Foreign Minister of Austria) March 2020


“My Baden has a secret! It knows the recipe for how to stay the same and still change and repeatedly rejuvenate! In this way, I can follow in Beethoven's footsteps (and my childhood summers in Baden!) and, at the same, time feel the lively, pulsating life of 2020[L1] . No contradiction, but a refreshing symbiosis - just a special Baden Mélange! "

Barbara Rett (Cultural Journalist), March 2020