Well-known personalities state their case for Baden. What makes Baden unique for you?

1. Benita Ferrero-Waldner (retired EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, retired Federal Foreign Minister of Austria): "I love Baden, this beautiful Biedermeier city that combines harmonious historical buildings with thermal baths that have been in use since Roman times. Today Baden is a city in which traditional bathing culture combines with a well-kept, modern ambience. Baden is, therefore, right to claim to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site with other well-known spa towns. "

2. Barbara Rett (Cultural Journalist): “My Baden has a secret! It knows the recipe for how to stay the same and still change and repeatedly rejuvenate! In this way, I can follow in Beethoven's footsteps (and my childhood summer in Baden!) and, at the same, time feel the lively, vibrant life of 2020. No contradiction, but a refreshing symbiosis - just a special Baden Mélange! "

3.Christian Ceidl (Viticulture): “We winegrowers are privileged to be able to work in the most beautiful workplace of our vineyards. These are in a fantastic location, with a wonderful view of the spa town of Baden and the neighbouring communities over to Vienna. The Wienerwald, which is a popular local recreation area, directly adjoins our wine-growing region. So, the question is: where else can you find that? "

4. Otto Brusatti (Director of the Baden-Beethoven Festival Weeks): "Baden makes me creative because it is so composed and self-effacing, Baden makes me positively restless because it is so restful, Baden has - occasionally - the best wines, just as it - exuberantly - accommodated or scared away the most interesting people."

5. Michael Lakner (Artistic Director of the Bühne Baden): “What I really love about Baden is that the privileged location at the gates of Vienna means that it possesses and attracts a large, culturally aware, metropolitan audience. "

6. Maria Zeugswetter (Chairwoman of the Musikfreunde Baden): “Baden is an incredibly livable and lovable city.
For me, this is very much due to the many committed people who know that together a lot can be achieved - the diverse cultural life in Baden is good proof of this. ”

7. Norbert Pfafflmeyer (Artistic Director of the Tritonus concert series): "A city without music is like a body without a soul (according to Don Bosco) ... and Baden has music!"

8. Wieland Curdt (Protestant Pastor): "For me, Baden is cool noblesse, a quality firework fountain and the space for developing my professional potential as well as my cultural and culinary enjoyment."

9. Tina Kosak (former owner of Galerie Menotti and Rainer villa): "For me, Baden has always been a very special place, However, I also always missed the links to the contemporary, and namely in a self-evident and fully diverse best form."

10. Herwig Gasser "Süßes vom Feinsten" Master Patissier: "The beautiful, omnipresent, historical background in Baden encourages us to act qualitatively and with an eye to the future."

11. Joachim Roedelius (Composer and Artistic Director of the More Ohr Less festival: "Without the quality of life and, above all, the exquisite cultural events in this city, no Roedelius! "

12. Lydia Nemetz (a Baden enthusiast who has worked in tourism for many years): "For me, Baden is simply livable and lovable, thanks to the greenery, the beautiful parks, a functioning infrastructure, a great cultural range and the metropolis of Vienna on my doorstep."

13. Lois Lammerhuber (Festival Director La Gacilly): “In life, I am always interested in success. And Baden is one of the ‘most successful’ ways to find a home and to put down roots. Nature, beauty, art and well-being are the matrix on which we are able to shape our lives here. Baden is a humanistic place. Baden stands for a harmonious coexistence and a peaceful attitude towards ‘others’. "

14. Jutta Enzersdorfer (Trainer and Coach): "For me, Baden is a city that has managed to preserve its historical appearance while, at the same time, being modern and liveable."

15. Erika Strecker (State Councillor): “I appreciate the proximity of Vienna, the Baden surroundings with the Vienna Woods, the wine villages and Baden as a city of music that has attracted many performers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven, but also Max Schönherr, Marika Rökk and Heinrich Strecker."

16. Dr. Rudolf Maurer (retired City Archivist): “Nature: the expanse of the plain - the backing of the mountains - the well-tended parks! The flair of the small town: relaxed and convenient shopping – cosy and pleasant gastronomy - Culture! And last but not least: the inspiring ‘bei Wien’!"

17. Brigitte Lavicka (Director of the Pfarrplatz elementary school): “Whatever city, country or continent I visit - I always like to come home to MY special Baden! "

18. Stephan Schöttke (Directorate of Badener Hof): "Our spa town is certainly outstanding, it offers us Badeners and their guests a unique, varied range of health and culture!"

19. Clemens Abrahamowicz (Catholic priest): "I am my fourth year here and have long been in love with Baden! The same is said by tourists and spa guests who stroll around in the center, then enjoy the sacred music in St. Stephan and sense, as it were, how Mozart comes and goes here! ”

16. Herwig Schneider (Vice President of the Baden Trotting Club): “A city that has (almost) everything. The unique quality of life and the singular way of Baden residents always wanting a little more for "their" city. "