Thermalstrandbad Lido Baden

With the largest sandy beach in Austria, a modern pool landscape and a wide range of sports and recreational facilities, Baden’s nostalgic Thermalstrandbad is a popular attraction for bathers of all ages in summer.

Covering an area of 42,000 m², the spa with its listed Art Deco façade invites you to relax and enjoy all kinds of activities. Two 50 m swimming pools, two sulphur pools, massage jets at different heights, the jet stream canal, ground geysers, massage beds on the palm island, the big water slide, a wide water slide, the diving platform as well as the children's pool with water mushroom and the "Kobri-Slide" provide water fun for young and old. 

Sports, Fun & Action

In the extensive Weilburgpark, various sports and fun activities are available for young and old. Beach volleyball, streetball, beach soccer, badminton, an adventure playground and a large sandy play area are just some of the attractions that guarantee fun and action for our guests.

Fun & Family

The family has been the particular focus of the range of products developed in recent years. In addition to the children's pools, the water attractions and the sandy beach for building sandcastles, there is a breastfeeding and nappy-changing room for young mothers, family and combination season tickets, as well as especially inexpensive blocks of 10.

Sandy beach

The pale-yellow sandy beach with Adriatic flair extends over 3,700 m². Situated right next to the swimming pools, its form is unique in the whole of Austria and it is especially popular with children.

Thermalstrandbad Baden
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