Festival "ORIENT", © Lois Lammerhuber

Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo

from June to October

Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo

from 15 June to 15 October 2023

The Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo is an international photo event that has been held annually in Baden near Vienna since 2018. From June to Okotober, approximately 2000 large-format images by international photo artists are on display in the city of Baden.

The works will be displayed in public spaces, squares and streets of the city center, courtyards and municipal parks. The festival route covers approximately seven kilometers and is open to all with free admission.

The festival is held in Austrian-French collaboration. In France, Jacques Rocher, the mayor of the town of La Gacilly, founded the Festival Photo La Gacilly in 2003. 
Since then, the event has been held annually in the same place. The show from La Gacilly is shown in Baden in the respective following year, for the first time in 2018. 

Lois Lammerhuber, president of the association Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo, curates the exhibition in Austria. Lois Lammerhuber is an Austrian photographer, author, curator and exhibition organizer.

Since 2018, he has been active as festival director of the largest photo festival in Europe "Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo", which takes place annually in the summer. Exhibition themes The main focus of the exhibitions is the artistic examination of the topics of man and the environment, sustainability, the future of the earth and the interaction with nature.


  • 2018: "I Love Africa"
  • 2019: "Hymn to the Earth"
  • 2020: "A lot of new things in the East"
  • 2021: "Viva Latina!"
  • 2022: "Northward!" 
  • 2023: "Orient!


 Nature, Beauty, Photography

It is dedicated to the theme of man and the environment. Out of deepest conviction that it is virtually our duty to constantly deal with the future of our planet and to search for humanistic and sustainable concepts for dealing with nature and all of us living together.

- Lois Lammerhuber, Photographer & Festival Director