Yellow Gold

With its healing sulphur thermal springs and pleasantly mild climate, Baden has been a popular destination since Roman times. Today the elegant city excels with modern health and wellness offers in a stylish ambience.

More than 4 million litres of untreated sulphurous thermal water with a temperature of 32 to 36 degrees Celsius gush daily from the 14 natural sulphur thermal springs in Baden. The "yellow-golden" water forms the basis for soothing bathing pleasures and an extensive range of spa and therapy treatments: traditional healing treatments such as sulphur baths, mudpacks, massages and underwater therapy are part of the repertoire of the Badener Kurbetriebs GmbH (Baden Spa Treatment Business limited liability company) with the Gesundheits- und Kurhotel Badener Hof, the Römertherme and the Badener Kurzentrum with the new competence centre for spine and musculoskeletal system.

Surprising facts about the spa

Lisbon earthquake

Location Engelsbad: Until 1755, this was an ordinary meadow. But on the day of the Lisbon earthquake -which destroyed the entire Portuguese capital at a stroke - i.e. on 1 November 1755, a new thermal spring suddenly bubbled up here!

At the same time the water of the Römerquelle in the Kurpark turned to blood! This is how contemporaries interpreted it, one of the bath attendants was even accused of witchcraft. In fact, the earth movements had released some red substance at great depth, which then discoloured the water for a while. This also happens occasionally at the Römerquelle.

You can see what incredible seismic connections there are. That's why there is a mining ban around Baden within a radius of about 15 km, no mining is allowed to be carried out to avoid accidentally disturbing these complex interactions. The bathing building was also designed by the architect Kornhäusl and was built together with the Sauerhof in 1820.

Today, the source of the Engelsbad is the only thermal spring in Baden that is not fed into the ring circuit of the Kurhaus, but has its own sanatorium.