Guided city walks

Four different themes are available ...

1. Our city - UNESCO world heritage!
Dates: 2. & 30. Oktober 2021

Experience the world heritage city of Baden, also known as the city of music, as a jewel of Biedermeier architecture as well as the most beautiful garden and flower city in Europe.  - with a visit to the underground Roman spring in the spa park and the church of Baden - St. Stephen.

2. A summer retreat with Beethoven & Co in the city of the European anthem
Dates: 9. Oktober 2021

Beethoven was a titan among many famous musicians, as well as an enthusiastic visitor to Baden! Join us for a tour to find traces of him and other famous musicians such as Mozart, Schubert and Strauss. You can also see their immortal works written in Baden, such as Ave Verum or large parts of the Ninth Symphony, with a visit to the city church St. Stephan and the music sites in the spa park.

3. A city with imperial flair and an influential history
Dates: 16. Oktober 2021

Numerous Habsburgs and other crowned heads of Europe, important poets, composers and fine artists of distinction chose Baden as their favorite place. Facts and anecdotes told in a strolling manner provide insight into Baden’s colorful history and its palaces, which still characterize the town’s flair today.

4. To the springs of gold!
Dates: 23. Oktober 2021

Hot sulfur water has been bubbling up from the depths of the earth for thousands of years, and Baden owes its development (with an approximately 2000-year-old spa culture) to this natural healing water. On the way to the sources of the golden water in historical and currently used bathing buildings, the Baden elixir of life will be sampled for wellness, and the historical bathing customs of illustrious guests will be told. (Tour of the springs: 4 stations: Roman Spring - Peregrini Spring - Pergersteg with a view of St. John's and Franzensbad, ending in the Arnulf Rainer Museum/Historic Women's Bath).


Every Saturday: 14 - 15.30 h / vorraussichtlich ab Juni
Tickets: € 8,-- p.P. (VIP - Card holder 1x free of charge)
Minimum participants: 3 people, no advance booking
Meeting place & tickets: Tourist Information Baden, Brusattiplatz 3, 2500 Baden bei Wien