Baden Mobile

Your Baden. Your way.

Baden Mobile - Your Baden. Your way.

For the sake of the environment!

Baden implements a highly innovative multi-mobility concept and becomes a gamechanger in sustainable quality tourism.

Sustainability has always played an essential role in the tourism concept of the city of Baden. With Baden Mobil, however, our city is now taking on a role model function in Austrian tourism. This modern concept offers sophisticated mobility solutions ranging from convenient travel to flexible inner-city transportation, thus contributing to a high quality of life in several respects. This form of mobility is also good for the climate and the environment.


Guest shuttle - it doesn't get any more convenient than this!

Arrive relaxed by train, be picked up at the train station and brought directly to your accommodation via guest shuttle. Sounds like a dream?

We make it a reality for our tourists and spa guests. With Baden Mobil, simply book the shuttle service along with your train ticket and arrive in comfort!

Choose your favorite vehicle and book it via the app.inner-city and regional mobility that leaves nothing to be desired.


With Baden Mobil our guests have:

  • 2 e-cars (+2 more from spring 2023)
  • 50 e-scooters (+20 more from spring 2023)
  • 30 city bikes, 15 of them e-bikes (only from spring 2023)
  • 10 e-mountain bikes (only from spring 2023)
  • 10 e-trekking bikes (only from spring 2023)
  • 8 conventional mountain bikes (only from spring 2023)

are available. These can be viewed, booked and also paid for in a simple and user-friendly way via the wayfinder app.

Let's go - and try!

Your e-scooter

Free ride with TIER!

This is how it works:

  1. Scan the QR code on the handlebar of the TIER e-scooter with the wegfinder app. We will then show you tariff information in the app and provide you with important tips and rules of conduct. Then you can start the rental directly.
  2. First place one foot on the board. Use the other foot to roll and get speed.
  3. Use the right accelerator lever to increase speed. Use the hand brake to decrease the speed.

Rate: Example:
0,20 € / minute 1 hour cost:
0,50 € unlocking fee, one time per ride 12,50 €.


Your bike

Sporty on the road with ÖBB Bikes
Ready for your next bike tour?

This is how it works:

  1. Reserve an ÖBB Bike with the wegfinder app: select the button 'Rent a bike' on the start screen, or tap on an ÖBB Bike location on the map and follow the instructions in the app.
  2. To pick up your bike, go to the ÖBB Bike Lounge at Brusattiplatz, open the wegfinder app and your ÖBB Bike booking (under 'Ticket & Trips'), tap on the button 'Pick up bike'. You can easily unlock both the ÖBB Bike Lounge and the bike lock with the app.
  3. End the rental by returning the ÖBB Bike to the ÖBB Bike Lounge from where you took it. Open the wegfinder app and tap 'End rental'. We will then guide you through the next steps. You can find the invoice for your trip in your profile under 'Tickets & Trips'.

E-mountain bikes, e-trekking bikes 35,00 € / day
Mountainbikes 25,00 € / day

Your car

Carsharing with ÖBB Rail&Drive
Moving house, big shopping, or just a trip to the countryside - sometimes a car does come in handy.

This is how it works:

  1. Reserve your car with the wegfinder app: Select the button 'Rent a car' on the start screen, or tap on an ÖBB Rail&Drive location on the map and follow the instructions in the app.
  2. Upload your driver's license and deposit a credit/debit card. Then nothing stands in the way of your booking.
  3. You can find out the exact location of the vehicle and the license plate number directly in the app. To unlock the booked car, open the wegfinder app and your ÖBB Rail&Drive booking (under 'Ticket & Trips') and tap on the button 'Open car'. You will find the car key in the glove compartment of the vehicle.
  4. After your trip, return your car to the station where you picked it up. You simply end the rental with the button 'End rental' in the wegfinder app.


Rate and Example:
One-time start fee of € 19.90 Day trip to Schneeberg.
(50 minutes driving time | 50 km) costs:
1 hour from 2,20 € plus 0,05 € per km 40-50 €.


Your guest shuttle

ÖBB Transfer for the first and last mile

The ÖBB Transfer service is available for tourists and spa guests. This shuttle service runs between selected train stations (Baden bei Wien, Wien Hbf, Wr. Neustadt Hbf and Vienna Airport) and all hotels and spas in Baden. The service enables a seamless journey by public transport to all tourist establishments in Baden.

All information on rates and booking at:


Problems or questions?

Feel free to contact the mobility hotline for Baden: +43 5 1717 2100.
You can also find important phone numbers and practical tips about your booking in the wegfinder app under Profile - 'Help & Feedback' and during your journey under 'Help' as well as at