Badeen Museum Tour

every first Sunday of the month (except 10.11)

Guided tour of the Arnulf Rainer Museum, the Kaiserhaus & the Beethovenhaus including lunch at the Hotel ‘At the Park’.

Discover highlights from history, architecture, music and contemporary art!

Saskia Sailer and Christine Treibnig-Löffler take you on the BADEN MUSEUM TOUR through the Arnulf Rainer Museum, the Kaiserhaus and the Beethovenhaus. Three extraordinary establishments with an eventful history and exciting architecture with the current exhibitions "Baden Centre of Power 1917 - 1918 - Emperor Karl I and the Army High Command" in the Imperial House, and "DONALD JUDD AND ARNULF RAINER - Edges Angle Curves" in the Arnulf Rainer Museum.

After the cultural delicacies, a light lunch awaits you at the Hotel ‘At the Park’.

dates: 10 November & 1 December

Start: 10.00

Meeting place: Arnulf Rainer Museum

Tickets: € 30

Registration: required until Friday before the appointment

Tickets & Registration:

Arnulf Rainer Museum
Josefsplatz 5, 2500 Baden bei Wien
Phone +43 / 2252 / 209 196